Learn more about Karuna Recovery Residences, its philosophy of recovery, and meet our founders.

Karuna Recovery provides affordable, structured, and compassionate sober living homes in Los Angeles and West Hollywood, California.

When Karuna founders Lauren Philhower and Stacey Passas met at age 14, they were unprepared for what their friendship would endure: addiction, crisis, and stirring renewal.

From the start, the two did everything together. As high school freshmen, they played on the same basketball team; as sophomores, they shared their first drink; after graduation, they lived and used together. Stacey sent Lauren to rehab in Florida—then followed her friend to clean living. Through all the stages of addiction and recovery, the pair stayed close. When Stacey left treatment, Lauren, the then-Director of Operations at Bodha Recovery Residences, brought her on as a house manager. And the rest is history.

Karuna residents don’t live in a facility; we share a home we take pride in.

Seeing each other through sobriety did more than seal this legendary friendship. It illuminated a common goal—helping others recover and transform. So the two founded the Karuna Recovery Residences, luxury Los Angeles and West Hollywood sober living. Their goal was to make the path to long-term sobriety as rock-solid as their friendship.

A tight-knit community bloomed and thrived. Karuna residents don’t live in a facility; we share a home we take pride in. We don't follow arbitrary rules; we engage in a contract that benefits all residents. Working together, we help each other identify patterns and habits, and replace them with informed choices so that we can create the lives we want to lead.