The Benefits of a Partial Day Program

You finally decide to be serious about your addiction treatment. But where do you start? Your road to recovery does not have to be so confusing. How do you want to go about with your addiction recovery? To answer that question, you will have to look at what you need. Do you need group therapy with your addiction treatment? How about a stay in rehab? Want to try faith and exercise? Perhaps something strict and rigorous is not good for you. How about checking yourself into a partial day program? They are not as bad as you think. There are actually some benefits to getting help through a partial day program.

What is a Partial Day Program?

The first question to ask is what is a partial day program? How will it help with your addiction treatment? Well, PDP is a moderate level of treatment. This would not work for heavy addictions. No, this is more suited for light to moderate addiction. The PDP is not as strict as addiction treatment programs for heavier addictions. They are designed for you to go from care around the clock to living a normal life with independence. They know that being under constant care will not do your recovery any good if you do not try to live on your own. The structure of the PDP is for you to get help with your recovery and then help you live a normal life. This might not work for everyone. Then again, not all treatments work for everyone in the same way. How will you know if you would qualify for this type of treatment? How will it benefit in your recovery? Here are four benefits that a partial day program will work better for you in your addiction treatment process.

Easy to Work with

As stated above, PD Programs are not as strict as treatments for heavier addictions. This type of program works better to suit you. The first aim is to get you started on your addiction treatment in a hospital. Then you will be moved into residential housing. Can it really be that simple? In a word, yes. The goal is to get you sober enough to function in normal life. You will not only get treatment for your addiction but you will learn life skills. With the partial day program, you will be able to stay sober and get a new job. The workers want you to be able to become independent in society. Heavier treatments won’t give you the chance to do that. Another thing to note is that partial day programs will work around your schedule. If you have a busy life, that will not stop you from getting the help you need. The shortened time with the PD program will give you a chance to build up support on the outside. You really are going to need it if you want to be successful with your recovery.

You Can Easily More to Residental Care Afterwards

Once you are near the end of your addiction treatment with the PD Program, it is time to move onto the next step. You are going to have to learn how to live a normal life again. This will not be an easy thing to do on your own. Luckily, the PD Program is there to help you take baby steps through the process. First, you go from people watching your every move while you are in treatment. When you were under inpatient care, everything was done for you. In a sense, you were a sick kid under recovery from your addiction. The workers will take their time with you at every turn. The best way to sum the exact function of the PD Program is to think of it as the step between monitored all of the time to live on your own. When you are ready, they will move you into residential treatment and set you up to be more independent. You will not have to worry about taking care of yourself. The workers from the PD Program will give you the skills you need to survive in the next chapter of your life.

Treatment will be Easier on Your Wallet

In the US, medical treatment can be a nightmare on the bank account if you are not careful. The same thing can be said for addiction treatment. It seems like only the rich and famous have a strong chance at recovery. With partial day programs, this is not the case. Believe it or not, treatment is actually affordable. Where you would be spending so much money on full-on rehab, the PD program is actually in your budget. While the Affordable Care Act made getting the help that much easier, insurance companies are still not too easy about covering the cost addiction treatment.

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