The Benefits of Going into a Sober Living

What Is Drug Addiction?

According to the National Institute of Health, National Library of Medicine,  a person who is addicted consumes a repeated amount of a drug,  either natural or synthetic, and is in a state of a psychogenic chronic intoxication.   The characteristics of addiction include:  1) An overwhelming compulsion to continue the consumption, by any means; 2) The propensity to increase the addictive drug; 3) A psychological and physical dependency on the drug and its effects; 4) the addicted person is shunned by society and harms personal relationships.

A Karuna Recovery Drug Habilitation Program

A drug habilitation program, such as an outpatient residency program designed by Karuna Recovery, is structured to:
1)  improve their clients’ well-being;
2) reduce the compulsion to consume the addictive drug;
3) create an abstinence syndrome to enhance recovery, promote sobriety, and sober living; and
4) reduce or eliminate the physical and psychic dependence on the addictive drug.

Sober Living

Sober living is more than achieving sobriety, but sobriety is a goal of sober living, which is achieved by living in a safe house or a half-way house after you receive intensive treatment for your addiction.  The safe house places you in an environment with similarly addicted individuals who provide mutual support for your treatment, as you achieve your independence from your addiction.

What Is A Sober Living House?

When you enter a sober living house, you will live with recovering addicts after they have received intensive treatment.  The safe house is a sober environment that is free from drugs and alcohol.  The length of the rehab treatment program is either 30 or 90 days up to a year in duration. The only form of treatment in a safe house is when of professional therapist organizes 12- Step meetings.  Skill-building sessions are also available.  The skills involve maintaining excellent social skills, perfecting job searches, and balancing a budget.

The Social Support Of Sober Living

Sober living is not a laid back environment.  Strict drug and alcohol rules are needed to maintain order. The support of reformed addicts is critical; otherwise, there will not be a successful addiction recovery.  Social factors have been shown by research to be an essential adjunct to rehab treatment.  Successful recovery is dependent upon a reliable support system between all the members, including members’ roommates.

Sober Living Provides A Transition Into The Real World

Drug addiction changes your view of the world and the relationships you had either in school, work, your family, and friends. You changed and lost the trust of people due to your addiction.  With a successful recovery to sobriety, reentering society will require support from family and friends as you seek their forgiveness.  At this point, the danger of a relapse is high because the same temptations are still there.  The sober living house eases you back into society, as you seek the trust of others.

The Pros and Cons of Sober Living Homes.

Addicts entering a medical facility to detox is very common.  However, the real work is reentering society.   The treatment techniques in an inpatient medical facility and a residential treatment facility are different because there are different overall goals of treatment.  How do you know that you are ready and have been adequately prepared to make a transition from the safe house to the real world? Is a residential stay of 30-90 days enough time for treatment?

A sober living home is structured to make a transition to society at large.  There is a live-in house manager that reinforces cooperation between the residents with sharing chores and providing peer support.  The day to day activities offers an alternative to focusing your behavior on obtaining and using drugs, reducing feelings of guilt, loneliness and the stress of continually acquiring drugs. A sober living home reinforces personal responsibility, accepts individuals that have not spent time in a treatment program to detox if you show that you have been successfully detoxed, improving your communication skills to offer an opportunity to support a healthy life while monitoring your behavior with random drug testing in a safe, sober environment.  However, if your addiction requires a medical treatment program that focuses on a detox, you may not be ready for sober living and would benefit from special detox treatment centers with the recommendation of  Karuna Recovery.

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