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Addiction is a complex disease that can be fatal if it goes untreated. Here at Karuna Recovery, we strive to give you the best possible addiction treatment you can get. Our treatment services are designed and tailored specifically for what works with you. We offer a wide range of treatment services from partial day programs to Sober living arrangements.



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Partial Day Program

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Partial day or partial hospitalization, are a treatment option that allows the patient to stay at home or in a sober living environment while recovering from addiction. Typically, groups will meet for half day meetings multiple days per week. This is more intensive than an Outpatient or Aftercare service. Typically, this is used as part of a step-down program after the patient has gone through an in-patient treatment. These partial day services involve a wide range of treatment options including group support, meditation, therapy, and medical treatments. Being able to maintain a home life while goes a long way to building sober living practices. partial day services are ideal for patients who have already undergone or do not require medically assisted withdrawal.

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Intensive Outpatient Program, is a good option for somehow who does not require medically supervised detox. IOP lets patients who either have already undergone medical detox or did not require it in the first place to begin their Sober living while staying at their home and rebuilding their personal life. IOP gives you the support you need to rebuild your personal life, career, family, friends, partners while getting the Addiction Treatment you need. These programs are more intensive than partial day programs. With IOP you are able to start work rebuilding your personal life, but you’ll also get the dedicated support and recovery programs you need. You can expect some combination of a peer support group, the help of our sober living experts, medical treatment, and therapy as part of this recovery program. IOP is backed up by scientific research.

Aftercare programs are different depending on your needs. These can include medical treatment, Sober living, and support groups. It’s important to see this as another step in the journey of Addiction Treatment. Aftercare and OP treatments are ideal for patients that have already made some progress on their journey to recovery and are looking to stabilize with the help of a support group and lighter medical care. Our OP and Aftercare programs are some of the best in the West Hollywood area. Our residents spend their days at work, at school, in meetings, or engaged in other enriching activities that support their recovery. Patient’s often found that being able to keep in touch with their home lives, friends, and career help their recovery. Combining this with our OP and Aftercare programs gives the best recover potential for people at this stage in their journey to sobriety.

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sober living

the benefits of Karuna Recovery

Sober living facilities are residential programs where you can live, full-time with a peer group of other people on their way to recovery. These programs have been proven effective. Having a group of people around you that share your experience, and most importantly your commitment to sobriety makes recovery much more manageable. Sober living programs are often lead by either an individual group leader or a horizontally organized group that manages the facilities together. Rules will be set and maintained by the group to ensure that everyone is able to have a safe, supportive space during their recovery. Expect rules to be more tightly enforced for newer members and to loosen up over time. Sober living programs are the best place to build your new sober lifestyle. You’ll be around people who are already on this path who can inspire and support you to continue on your own sobriety. The peer support in Sober living treatment is one of its best qualities.


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Karuna Recovery offers a unique blend of addiction treatment, aftercare, and support services in an effort to truly make a difference when combating the disease of addiction. To learn more about our programs or how we can help find out more today.