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Partial Day Program

What is Partial Hospitalization?

A partial day program is a partial hospitalization program (PHP). It is typically 5 to 6 hours a day and 5 days per week. The intention of these types of programs is to provide addiction treatment to individuals that are ending their residential treatment programs and still need treatment. They no longer need treatment in a 24 hour facility. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) report that only 11 percent of those who suffer from drug abuse get the help they require. A PHP may be the next step for an individual in recovery to continue to get the support and treatment he or she needs.


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What to Expect

from a Partial Day Program

A Partial Day program intertwines a inpatient and outpatient by mixing the intensive, around the clock monitoring of inpatient programs and the self-reliance of outpatient. Instead of going straight to an outpatient program from an inpatient program, the partial day program allows people to integrate in to the next part of their treatment. A Partial Day program offers a variety of services including both medical treatment and other needed services to provide you with life skills like job skills, social skills, and therapy to help you reconnect to the world around you.

When you participate in a partial day program, you should expect intense therapy as part of addiction treatment. Partial day programs focus heavily on various methods of therapy. You will have individual therapy, which are sessions with just you and an addiction counselor. This helps you to find the underlying reasons and triggers for your drug abuse. This type of therapy helps you to remove the idea of denial from your mind to allow you to focus on why you are an addict and how to sustain recovery.

Group therapy is another part of a partial day program. This is when the session involves you, a facilitator, and other individuals in the recovery process. These individuals may be further ahead or behind you in their recovery process. That is ok. The purpose of this group is to learn from each other. You will participate in groups discussion about your experiences, feelings, and coping as it relates to your addiction treatment. This group of people may become a strong network of support for you as you learn to maintain recovery.

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How our Partial Day Program

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Karuna Recovery is not just another treatment facility. In our partial day program, we help you learn how to live a fun and exciting life while remaining clean and sober. We know that it is not easy and the first 90 days after leaving a treatment facility are crucial. Our partial day program provides you with the tools you need to build skills to live in a world full of triggers. While you are here, residents will receive structured support and begin to build hope and belief in themselves again.

In addition to providing a safe place to live, we have counseling and programs on an outpatient basis. These programs provide guidance on making the transition from treatment back to regular life. Our residents are able to lean on staff and their other housemates for support and guidance. There are many blockers that attempt to stand in your way on the path to sustainable sobriety. The supportive and safe community at Karuna Recovery helps you navigate all of those blockers that attempt to stand in your way.

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If you feel that you are in need of a recovery residence, do not delay, call Karuna Recovery Residences today. Talk to someone who can help you find a place at Karuna Recovery Residences. You do not need to continue down your recovery path alone. You may have completed your inpatient residential treatment program, but that does not mean you no longer need support. Contact us today, even if you are just looking for more information or to asses if our facility is the right one for you. Do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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Karuna Recovery offers a unique blend of addiction treatment, aftercare, and support services in an effort to truly make a difference when combating the disease of addiction. To learn more about our programs or how we can help find out more today.