Why You Should Build A Support Group in Early Sobriety

You’ve made the first steps into your new journey living sober – congratulations!

These first 180 days are vital to the long-term success of your sober life. You need to build a sober foundation that will be able to support you for many years to come.

You will need the help of your peers, friends, and sober professionals to help you build a rock-solid foundation to support you on your journey.

Sober support groups are groups of recovering alcoholics/addicts who can help you through your recovery process. These people can become your close acquaintances and even your friends, as many will be more than willing to step in to be a voice of reason, a shoulder to lean on, or even just inspiration for your sober journey.

Here are five reasons you should build yourself a sober support group:

People to Share Expertise

When you join a support group, you will be privy to a mix of stories that you may not otherwise have been exposed to. These people are a support network, and they are facing some of the same sober battles as you – or they’ve already tackled them.

While not everyone has used the same substance as you, there are lessons and takeaways from everyone’s unique point of view that may help you get through some of the harder times in your life.

If you come across a new problem that wasn’t addressed in your detox or inpatient program, it may be beneficial to be able to speak with someone who has been there and give you advice on how to overcome it.

Inspiration for Healthy Living

It may seem harsh, but you may need to cut ties with the people who you used to associate yourself with. There will be those who were in your life that are unhealthy influences on you and your sobriety. These individuals likely encouraged your substance abuse and can become triggers for you to relapse.

When you join a sober support group, you surround yourself with people who are also working to create healthy life choices. That may mean food, exercise, or just coping mechanisms for dealing with struggles.

Friends Build You Up

While in early recovery, it can be difficult to adjust to a new lifestyle. If you are in detox or temporary in-patient treatment, it can seem like a foreign environment. Find friends – like in an organized sober support group – that will encourage your sobriety and support you.

Once you are on your sober journey, you can still go out and have a great time with your friends on the weekends – just ensure that those friends understand and support your sobriety.

Support groups give you the opportunity to express what you may be struggling with and get it off your chest. Likely other group members will have encountered similar struggles and can give insights and tips on how to work through potential setbacks.

Friends you make in sober support groups will be there to create a solid friendship foundation. People you can turn to, people who are there for you in the good times and the bad – these are the types of friends you will find in sober support groups that will aid in your journey to recovery.

Someone There To Support You

When you join a sober support group, you are welcomed into a gathering of people who will be there to support you when you need it most. The people in the group understand what early sobriety is like, and you can find someone who can help you navigate how to cope with the stress of daily life.

If something emotionally catastrophic happens in early sobriety, you’ll need someone dependable more than ever to lean on and help you get through the tough times, sober.

Detox and other forms of addiction recover are hard work, but the work doesn’t end there. Building a community that will help to find volunteer opportunities or just sober things to do to fill your time will help you to break old habits and learn new skills.

Motivation For Everyone

Just as you turn to them to remain sober, the people in your sober support group are also looking for support. The more seasoned members of the group may see a newcomer going through the sober steps as inspiration to remain motivated.

Conversely, seeing someone who has accomplished what you wish to accomplish will be a great motivation for you to stay the course and remain sober. It will give you purpose and perhaps the inspiration for meaningful activities.

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